Call for Interviews

James Dickey Newsletter wants interviews (previously published or unpublished) with Jim Dickey, interviews of substance that address poetry theory, fiction theory, specific works, etc.   Reply here or to Joyce Morrow Pair at the Newsletter website:


About Joyce Morrow Pair

Dr. Joyce Pair is best known and acclaimed professionally for founding the James Dickey Newsletter and for editing the print edition for twenty years. The Newsletter, published since its founding in 1984, is dedicated to the work and biography of James Dickey. After the retirement of the editor at the University of South Carolina who had been appointed by Dr. Pair in 2007, the editorship was passed to Casey Clabough, at Lynchburg College, who changed the format to a general emphasis and changed the name. Consequently, Pair resumed editing the Newsletter in a new, digitized format ( This new digital James Dickey Newsletter continues its concentration on Dickey and his work, resuming the on-going bibliography as well as including relevant Dickey information and new scholarly essays. Through Pair’s guidance and editorial position the Newsletter became the central force in Dickey scholarship, attracting established and aspiring Dickey scholars. New attention was given to addressing the philosophical and ecological themes in Dickey’s work. Pair has herself written and published scholarly articles and has delivered conference papers on the work of Dickey (as well as on other authors). With Pair’s mentorship, many young contributors to James Dickey Newsletter have become established Dickey scholars. Dr. Pair retired from teaching English Literature and Composition at DeKalb College in 1996. Since that time, she has edited many manuscripts/books and articles.
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