Continuing Bibliography

By Anna C. Sullivan

The following entries recuperate items not previously noted, as well as continue the on-going James Dickey Newsletter bibliography.  Please direct any comments, notices about new sources, off-prints of articles and other materials, or ideas for the bibliography to me at The Department of English, The Catholic University of America, Cardinal Station, Washington, D. C. 20064.

I.  Primary Sources


The Eye of the Fire.”  Oxford American 39 (May/June 2001):  58-65.

II.  Bibliographies and Checklists


Stanford, T. W., III.  “Continuing Bibliography.”  James Dickey Newsletter 16.1  (Fall 2000):  26-29.

  1. III.  Secondary Sources

Articles, Interviews, Chapters in Books

Bischoff, Volker.  “From Mary Rowlandson to James Dickey:  Lineage of the American Story of Initiation” Lineages of </p>    the Novel. Ed. & Intro. Bernhard Reitz and Eckart Virchow-Voiigts. Wissenschaftlicher: Trier, Germany, 2000.                   43-51.

Clabough, Casey.  “The Ghost in the Machine:  Alnilam’s Philosophical and Utopian Vision.  James Dickey Newsletter 17.1 (Fall 2000):  2-13.

Clabough, Casey. “James Dickey’s Use of Vardis Fisher’s Novels in To the White Sea.” Notes on Contemporary Literature 30.5 (Nov 2000):  2-4.

Crowther, Hal.  “‘The Last Wolverine’:  James Dickey (1923-1997).”  Cathedrals of Kudzu:  A Personal Landscape of the South.  Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 2000.

Havird, David.  “In and Out of Class with James Dickey.”  The Virginia Quarterly Review 76.3 (Spring 2000):  455.

Hart, Henry. “Essays, Reviews, and Interview – James Dickey:  Journey to War.”  The Southern Review. 36.2 (2000): 348.

Keesey, Douglas.  “Appraising The Whole Motion:  Dickey’s Place in Literary History.  James Dickey Newsletter 17.1 (Fall 2000):  18-24.



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